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 -Mürvet P. | Phytotherapist

-F. B.  | Life Coach

There are times when you feel completely in the dark and you can't see any way out. Blames, regrets, pain, despair. You forget what you know, you become trapped in that darkness. However, time is the time to work and grow. At such a moment, I worked with Nihan Gencer. Our session was very deep and impressive.


I remembered once again that the surface issue is just a tool for us to look at root causes. I experienced an intense feeling of healing and relaxation with the messages that I have received during the session and the work we did.


Endless thanks to Dear Nihan Gencer, who accompanied me with compassion and lightness on my path during this process...


We run around too much and often don't realize our true needs. And these needs remind themselves with stronger messages each time. If there is a subject in your life that you are not satisfied with; listen to your inner voice and get support.​ ​

 -Mürvet P. | Phytotherapist

I have been in great stress for many many years. I got depressed, I got diabetes. World was reversed. I couldn’t sleep at night. I couldn’t wake up during the day. I had a life full of assumptions. I was crying if I saw someone crying. I was exaggerating smallest issues, even watching the news was big pain for me.

When I had the session with Nihan, I thought the PSYCH-K® work was strange. Action was given. As soon as I got home, I curiously started with my action, and I still had very little of positiveness. After a week with homework I looked at my pros increased my cons decreased. Now I don’t need to do anything, I don’t even look.

First, my sugar was stabilized. My night’s sleep become regular. I can sleep easily during the night.  Then I’m done with crying. I can only think positive for others. “Think nice, get everything nice” became my motto. I have nothing to bother me with anymore.

I’m very, very, very good.  I’m glad I had this session with her.


Thank God, I learned that I can heal myself. I wish I had done this work with Nihan before, I cried for 5 year for nothing.

 -Sena Arğun | System Analyst

I met PSYCH-K® through Nihan while I was struggling with a very hard period of my life; my heart wasn’t so open to spread love, I couldn’t feel the abundance and the most important thing is I even didn’t recognize how much I am precious and lovely as a human being.


I wasn’t believing that I can succeed in something or I can be patient doing same thing consistently for even one week.


I can honestly say that I had the biggest change in my life ever in three months with PSYCH-K®.


I start to feel myself content and complete, I love myself and I feel in harmony with all beings in my life.

That was the feeling or mental state that I was seeking for all my life;

in all the things I listen, all the people I met, all the ways I went around; but then I found it easily while I was just sitting and talking with Nihan, trusting her and giving her the permission by heart to empower me and facilitate my change!


Now I am grateful that I got together with Nihan in a way and I learned to heal my wounds with love!

-E. B. | Lawyer

There were a few stuck thoughts in my mind or my heart that I had long been hesitant to think about. Even in my first PSYCH-K® session, I found the courage to focus on one of those deep key points that I was aware of thanks to this session. This experience gave me a great deal of freedom and relaxation, and also gave me hope for recovery.

 -Serhan Baki | Musician

That session made me feel really good. It brought me back from 2 months of grief of loss of my mother and one of the best friend. I feel like I am back to life again. I am here now. I had new opportunities revealing themselves right after session.

M. M. | CFO

I was very happy to see that a subject that I had been feeling uncomfortable for a while and I couldn’t solve despite working with a psychologist was solved and transformed in a very fast process as fast as 15 minutes, without going into my childhood, without drowned in the drama or entering the mind games.


That increased my faith in me.

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