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Hi, This is Nihan Gencer.

I am glad that You are here. I want to share a little bit about myself.​

I am a system and social network analyst. I am a long-term NLP, internal healing arts & energy psychology practitioner.

I was born into a family of 5 centuries of Sufi tradition where music perceived as a vehicle of divine integration. My grandpa was my first mentor telling about the power of thoughts. He was also a composer and a poet.

When I was a child I had epilepsy attacks. I found myself frame drumming wıth support from my family in order to cure that condition at the age of 9. The frame drum is an ancient instrument that is used in nearly every archaic tradition around the world for healing purposes, well it healed my epilepsy aswell. Frame drum helped me recover from epilepsy completely at the age of 12.  I experienced the healing power of frame drumming, then I started sharing that experience in frame-drum and singing circles. 

In 2016 I have met PSYCH-K® through Dr. Marina Riemslagh and experienced tremendous improvement in my relationships, health, and mental equanimity. I had the chance to dig & expand my consciousness with the power of higher & sub-conscious.

Mind-body is the ultimate data warehouse to embrace and balance me as a whole. I feel that I became a better version of myself so quickly, easily and effectively using PSYCH-K® processes.

Just to give an idea of that journey I had scoliosis since childhood. In 2016 in deep meditation, I realized that I was leaning towards my right-side and creating my own scoliosis because of the insecurities of being a woman.  My feminine side needed masculine support.  Realization is a powerful step. Once you realize you are free of that self-limiting belief in minutes within a  PSYCH-K® session. Transforming this belief was not only a physical revolution but also the most profound change in my life in every aspect of it.

When I benefit from something then I start sharing it so I facilitate this empowering experience with 1-on-1 sessions since 2016. PSYCH-K® gives me every tool that I need as a spiritual being in this human experience. It also helped me to unravel the truth and the wisdom within.

I decided to facilitate individuals for being the change that they want to see in one-on-one empowering PSYCH-K® sessions. I love this intimate connection that creates a space for the wisdom of that individual to reveal itself.

If you need my facilitation feel free to book. 

Kind Regards,

Nihan  Gencer

Realization is a powerful step. Once you realize then you are free!!

Once you realize that you are the Key to your change then you start manifesting your Truth which is invaluable...

Letter from Nihan

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